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So soon after I got my license I crushed the corner bumber of a guy's car in a parking lot. Very embarrassing and stressful. He was not in it, and so I left my name and number. He called, he talked to my mother and there was discussion of him taking it over to a body repair man we knew to get it fix and we'll pay for it without involving the insurance company. He agrees with this decision. Last we heard he took it over to the repair man to get it looked at and that was it. Not another word. This was back in June of this year.

I got a call today, five months later in November from the car owner. He claims his son was trying to call me and that the reason he dropped off the face of the earth was because he went back to his home country for a few months (he has a very obvious accent). Anyhow, he's claiming that the damage I did caused his trunk lock to be broken. Now it's one thing if back in June he told us this, but to wait 5 months? And he wants to involve the insurance company now too?

My father wants to know what changed to make him do this. My mother says he has no claim. He can't prove that what I did 5 months damaged his lock and we did offer to pay to repair the bumber.

All I know is I'm confused, cranky from classwork and then get a call from this bloke. Geez louise.

Narrator is Killing Me

Back when Sailor Moon was on the air, I watched Ronin Warriors. And so as I've gotten crafty with finding the Eng subs of anime, I decided to watch Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warrior's original name). I'm coming to scenes where in the dub there was no narration but in the Japanese version the narrator is letting us know something we could've known by watching the "what happened last time" part that they play at the beginning. And it is really bugging me. Let the guy have the flashback without someone speaking.

And I get that they're clarifying what's happening, but in most cases it's a flashback and someone who is watching it can get the gist of what happened if they did not see the last episode. Come on... It completely ruined this scene where in the dub you saw four of the guys resting, and silence felt golden (plus further scenes explained what happened last time). Was anime in the 1980s usually like this?

Don't get me wrong. Overall I prefer watching the subs versus the dubs, but this narrator is starting to kill me.

Sailor Moon music unknown

I'm currently rewatching the whole Sailor Moon series in Japanese since I had only watched the first couple of seasons in English. Anyhow, I'm watching episode 34 where Zoisite tries to kill Mamoru and Usagi with a fire ball down an elevator shaft and I hear beautiful background music. Now this music does not fit the typical beat of the Sailor Moon music and I want it. But I can't seem to find it. At 15.34 you begin to hear it but it's most noticeable when Zoisite starts conjuring up a fireball. If anyone knows the name of the song I would be grateful.

Tuxedo Kamen and other Sailor Moon stuff...

I've just been pondering Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon as of late and the characters. My latest musings lead to Tuxedo Kamen and how most comments I've seen directed at him think he's pretty much useless and just a satellite character and how Seiya Kou/Star Fighter would be a better match for Usagi.

Thoughts of why Takeuchi-sensei made Tuxedo Kamen the way he was in the manga-- the anime made him seem worse off. I think he was made to be the supporting boyfriend. To be the prince, but not so much that he's always rescuing the damsel instead enabling her. BSSM was made for young girls and they were given various female role models who could be independent and kick butt. If Tuxedo Kamen was always rescuing Sailor Moon then it might give a message to the young readers that they always need to get rescued. Instead he assists and in some parts act sort of like Mr.Mom, protecting Chibiusa so that Sailor Moon could go defend the universe and letting her guardians to protect her. While Star Fighter, being a female (all female in the manga), got to kick some butt as another strong female role model (perhaps for the tomboys...). I think the producers of the anime didn't like Tuxedo Kamen for some reason and thus we end up with Tuxedo Useless.

Another thing that makes me scratch my head is I was looking at the tropes of Sailor Moon tvtropes.org/ and something left me a bit baffled and a bit annoyed if it was true. When trying to figure out who Sailor ChibiChibi was, some suggested she was Usagi's second daughter. Now someone had typed on this page that the manga had this disproved by stating "Queens of the Silver Millenum only being able to have one daughter"(on the page).

Now I've read the manga (true a translated version) and the way I read it was that Pluto stating that Neo Queen Serenity had had only one daughter, not that any other queen could have multiple daughters. Was it something lost in translation? If someone has further information on this it would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit of a canon fanatic and I do not like writing fanfics that don't fit (probably the reason I have not finished a single Bleach fanfic).

That's all for now.